Inclusive Messaging is a Must This Holiday Season

Inclusive Messaging

Most stakeholders have a holiday they celebrate this time of year. They want others to recognize their chosen holiday, which includes your school district. This often goes into dicey territory, as some holidays inevitably get more recognition than others. During the holiday season, the best route is to stay inclusive. Building inclusivity into your holiday…

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Remember: You Set the Tone for Communication

Tone for Communication

Your district is always telling a story. The words you choose shape people’s perceptions of your district and what occurs within it. Words hold the power to make people feel calm, reassured and safe—that is, if those words set the right tone. Tone is a critical component of all communications, although it’s especially important while…

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Meet Concern With Optimism Wherever Possible


Incidents occur from time to time in every district. After a while, you learn how stakeholders react to different negative situations. Some might be angry, while others might be wary. The question is, how will your district react? Your communications should set the tone for how you want stakeholders to feel. Just because you’re worried…

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