What is Media and Relations Training?

Media and relations training

Speaking to the media isn’t always a pleasant experience. School leaders hear stories about getting misquoted or taken out of context, and as a result, they avoid speaking to the media altogether. While it might seem scary, learning how to effectively communicate with reporters is one of the best things you can do for your…

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Video Spotlights Your Professionals’ Passion


Your people are passionate about what they do. They walk into school ready to transform students’ lives with their talents, experience, wisdom and kindness. Every professional in your district, from teachers to staff to paraeducators to administrators, has a story to tell. You can help school professionals share their stories and passion with others through…

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Highlight Your People

highlight your people

Everything you do, you do for the students. Students are always the focal point because without them, you wouldn’t be able to make your vision for education a reality. However, students aren’t the only stakeholders in your schools. Teachers, staff, paraeducators and administrators keep your schools running, and they deserve the spotlight every once in…

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