Our 24/7/365 Crisis Communication Services


Hotline staffed by the experienced Donovan Group team.


Live crisis communications counsel by phone and email.


Custom talking points, parent letters, news releases & other content.


Helping school leaders communicate quickly and accurately when a crisis arises.

One of the most significant challenges school leaders face is effectively handling crises. These situations—from the merely embarrassing to the truly tragic—require quick, accurate communication with parents, community members, board members and the media. It’s an area in which even the most experienced K-12 leaders need some help.

k12 crisis communicationsWorking with the Donovan Group, superintendents, administrators and principals gain the power to quickly respond to crisis situations. We help you gather the facts, determine who you need to reach first and communicate quickly, accurately and effectively.

Now offering our crisis communications services on a national scale.

Our services are available exclusively to organizations or firms that can provide the service, on a sponsored basis, to every public school district in one or more states.

For our state association members, we also offer:

  • Marketing services to members to promote the offer
  • Monthly communications-related webinars for school district leaders
  • Monthly communications-related articles for the sponsor’s newsletter
  • An in-person presentation at the sponsor’s annual conference (by special arrangement)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the crisis communications services offer?

Members will have access to an exclusive telephone line, staffed 24/7/365 by the experienced Donovan Group team, to be used if they have experienced a crisis. We provide live crisis communications counsel by phone and email, while also drafting custom talking points, parent letters, news releases, social media posts and other written content, as needed.

What is the Donovan Group?

The Donovan Group is a communications, public relations and marketing firm that focuses exclusively on public K-12 education. Now in our 10th year, and with offices in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois, we serve schools, districts and educational organizations across the United States.

What experience does the Donovan Group have with school and school district crisis communication?

We are confident that, over the last 10 years, we have provided more crisis communications counsel to school district leaders than any other firm or organization in the United States. We have worked on crisis situations large and small, ranging from the embarrassing to the truly tragic.

How are the crisis communications services being sold?

Our crisis communications services are sold on a one-state-per-sponsor exclusive basis. Sponsorships are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Sponsorships are renewable one-year agreements paid as a monthly fixed fee.

Can two organizations come together to jointly provide crisis communications services to public schools in our state?

Yes. We are happy to work with two or more organizations or businesses on joint sponsorships.

Do you provide other communications services to our members or clients?

Yes. In addition to providing 24/7/365 services, the Donovan Group will also assist you with marketing the services to members or clients. We will provide you with monthly communications-related webinars for your members or clients, provide monthly communications-related articles for the sponsor’s newsletter and, by special arrangement, speak at your annual conference.

Are there limits to the number of hours of service provided?

Although we do have a limit to the number of hours provided, simply to avoid the possibility of abuse, the fact is that we have never come close to that limit and we have never told a district that we would not assist. The fact is that we always want school district leaders to contact us if they are in a difficult situation.

Does the Donovan Group provide crisis services to non-members?

While we can provide crisis services to non-members, we must prioritize member districts and charge by the hour for non-members. Member districts receive prioritized services at no additional cost to the district.

How do we get started or learn more?

For more information, including pricing, please call us at 800-317-7147 or contact us online today.


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