A Brief Guide to Getting in Front of Bad News

Bad News

District leaders have to prepare for the unexpected. Despite all your years in the district, bad situations can still catch you by surprise. Today could be the day you get a call from a very concerned staff member in your district. Among all the thoughts running through your head, one of them sticks out the…

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Keep Your Cool and Don’t Get Rattled

staying cool

Reporters have some tricks up their sleeves. While many will be friendly and polite, a handful of them might try to push your buttons. Long pauses, lashing out, and errors in the story are all (or can seem to be) tests to see how you’ll respond. Staying cool can help protect the district’s reputation as…

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The 5 Golden Principles of Media Relations

Media Relations

There are no hard-and-fast rules when dealing with the media. Still, some strategies are more effective than others. Before going into an interview, district leaders should think about how they’re going to answer a reporter’s questions. A successful interview isn’t just about the information you give. It’s about the approach you take. With every interview…

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