Tone, Delivery Matter to the Media

media interview

Once an interview begins, it’s easy to become hyper focused on what you want to say. While it’s important to get your message across, you must also consider how you’re going to deliver it. Speaking in a cool and composed fashion can earn the public’s respect and make for a positive news story. Here are…

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Providing Information to Reporters (the Right Way)

Providing Information

As a district leader, you’ve likely participated in your fair share of media interviews. In almost every case, the reporter tries to control the conversation. They create the angle, they ask the questions and they decide what information goes in the story. Reporters make it seem like they hold all the power during an interview.…

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The Rules of Media Engagement: On-Record vs. Background

Media Engagement

Media calls are more nuanced than simply speaking over the phone. Reporters use information in different ways, which means they conduct interviews in different ways as well. There are two ways to speak during an interview: on-record and on-background. Practicing both can help you respond well to questions and control how the media portrays your…

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