How to Produce Share-Worthy School Content

school content

Your district’s content serves many purposes. It seeks to educate, to communicate, even to entertain. Among all these purposes, generating shares is probably lower on your list. When stakeholders share district content, it’s usually viewed as an added bonus, not the main motive for creating the content in the first place. However, there’s a lot…

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SEO Has Its Role in School District Marketing


Search engine optimization is often seen as a marketing strategy. Businesses use it to guide leads down the sales funnel and broaden their pool of loyal customers. However, SEO can accomplish so much more than helping businesses sell their goods. SEO is also a powerful tool that can help your district connect with the surrounding…

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School District Marketing 101: Why?

School District Marketing

For many businesses, the purpose of marketing is very clear: to create messages that persuade consumers to purchase their products or services. But school districts don’t function like regular businesses. Their goal isn’t to turn a profit or increase their sales—it’s to educate children. And for that reason, district leaders may see little reason to…

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