The Purpose of School District Marketing

school district marketing

People often think marketing is a way to make customers buy a product or service. This is usually true, but marketing serves a much greater purpose than that. In the case of your school district, marketing aims to form positive relationships with the community. While marketing takes time, effort and money, the benefits for your…

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Your District Website is an Invaluable Asset

district website

When someone needs answers, they often take to the internet. A quick online search pulls up thousands of webpages with the information they’re looking for. The same rings true for your stakeholders. When a stakeholder needs something, one of the first places they’ll turn to is your district’s website. Stakeholders put a lot of stock…

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This Could’ve (Should’ve) Been an Email


Think back to the last message you sent to stakeholders. Maybe it was a highly-produced video or a well-designed infographic. Now, reflect on how much time it took to make. Those mediums tend to be a bit more involved than others. If the message was supposed to be timely, it probably would’ve been more efficient…

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