The Basics of a Referendum Campaign

Referendum Campaign

So, your district has a referendum in the works. After polishing it up, you’ll be ready to unveil it to the school community. Of course, you want the referendum to be well received. Instead of simply announcing the referendum, your district needs to plan a comprehensive, well-thought-out campaign that can rally the whole community’s support.…

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Is a Referendum the Answer?


Most district leaders would say “yes” to proposing a referendum. After all, referenda are created to improve the quality of education in public schools. A referendum might be the right solution for your schools, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right solution for the community as a whole. The following factors can help you decide…

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Transparency as the Foundation of Communication


Every communication scenario has one thing in common: transparency. Whether the communication is transparent or not is entirely up to you. No matter who you’re communicating with, staying transparent is in everybody’s best interest. Stakeholders deserve to know what’s happening in their district, and by staying transparent with them, you can gain their trust and…

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