Developing Crisis Communication Templates

Crisis communication templates

A crisis necessitates urgent communication. Unfortunately, communication can get delayed when school leaders spend too much time crafting their messages. School leaders shouldn’t be planning their communications in the middle of a crisis. The best time to craft your crisis communications is long before that crisis even happens. Prepare your school or district for any…

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Celebrating School Communicators Day 2023

The second Friday in May is National School Communicators Day, as declared by the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). A school communicator is one who assists schools and districts of all sizes and demographics in taking the community along in the district’s journey through strategy and intention. Today, celebrate your district’s storytellers, which includes…

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What Constitutes a Crisis?


When something bad happens, school leaders are quick to call it a crisis. The word “crisis” gets thrown around a lot, and over the years, it has started to lose its meaning. That leaves school leaders with some questions. What actually constitutes a crisis? And how is a crisis different than any other negative event?…

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