Getting the Most Out of Community Focus Groups

Community focus groups

The community is your biggest ally in improving your schools. Their feedback on prevalent issues is critical to finding solutions that most stakeholders can be happy with. That’s where community focus groups come into play. They empower stakeholders to speak up, which can point your district’s efforts in the right direction. Focus groups can be…

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5 Types of Useful Education Surveys for Schools

Education surveys

Education surveys are like windows into the minds of your stakeholders. They open a line of communication between students, teachers, administrators and family members. They address a wide range of topics to shed light on what’s going well and what needs improvement. Enacting change almost always starts with a survey. Here are five useful education…

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Accentuate the Positives!

positives news

Too often, we gravitate toward the negatives. The news is filled with negative stories, making it seem as though that’s all people care about. We’ve fallen into the trap of believing there’s more bad than good in the world. This isn’t necessarily true—the positives stories are just being hidden in the dark. Your district doesn’t…

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