Live Your Vision; Practice Your Values


Core values and mission statements lie at the heart of every successful school community. They should be front of mind as stakeholders go about their daily routines. However, they’re not something you keep to yourself. They need to be written down, and they need to be where people will see them. Missions and values easily…

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Tell Everyone Who You Are

mission and vision

Every school needs a mission and a vision. They’re intrinsic to everything your school does, yet stakeholders don’t think about them very often. You have to make your mission and vision clear to the community—not just by stating them on the school’s website, but by exemplifying them in every piece of communication that reaches stakeholders.…

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How Are You Getting the Word Out?

media channels

Exciting things are happening in your district. The public should know about them! Your first instinct is probably to post upcoming events on your district calendar. That’s a good start, but your efforts shouldn’t stop there. Your district calendar is just one of many ways to spread the word about school events. A successful event…

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