Summer is a Time for Focus Groups

Focus Groups

School’s out for the summer. So, what do you do? You think of ways to make next year even better. But before you can put new ideas into action, you have to make sure they align not only with what you think is best for the district, but what stakeholders think is best for the…

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Internal Communication: Create a Top-Down Flow of Information

As a school leader, you’re no stranger to incidents that require prompt communication. When an incident arises, it brings up many questions: who should you communicate with? How often? What do they need to know? School leaders often communicate with the public first. However, communication should always start at the top—namely, with your teachers, administrators…

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Do You Have Good Internal Communication?

internal communication

Every day, you communicate with a wide variety of stakeholder groups. And your staff should be one of them! Communicating with the public is important, but so is communicating with the people in your schools. If you haven’t touched base with your staff in a while, this is your sign to do so. Keep teachers…

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