Understanding What Matters to Those You Serve

student communication

When you picture school stakeholders, who comes to mind? District leaders often picture their most involved community members, such as parents, teachers, staff, paraeducators and administrators. But what about the students? They’re stakeholders, too! If it weren’t for them, your district wouldn’t exist in the first place. Much like with any other stakeholder group, district…

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Your Students Have a Voice, Too


Students are the reason your district exists. Without them, who is there to educate? Students are a critical part of your school community, yet when you need to make important decisions, they might be an overlooked stakeholder group. Your students have a voice. Give them room to speak! Students are critical stakeholders There are many…

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Make 2023-24 the School Year for Professional Development

professional development

The new school year brings new professional development opportunities. There are countless courses out there, many of which cater to one specific profession or another within your schools. While specialized courses are certainly important, your district should also offer course topics that are beneficial to everyone, namely communication. Effective communication is critical to the success…

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