Social Listening is an Opportunity to Hear Your Stakeholders

Social Listening

You talk to stakeholders all the time. There’s a lot happening in your district, and they need to hear about it! In an effort to keep people informed, district leaders send out news releases, parent letters, e-newsletters and website updates. They try to connect with stakeholders by talking more and more. What was the last…

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Beyond Likes: Mastering Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

School leaders often measure engagement by the number of likes their content receives on social media. Likes are good—they’re proof that people saw your content! However, likes don’t offer feedback. Stakeholders can’t sum up how they feel with the click of a button. Create social content that not only garners likes, but encourages stakeholders to…

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10 Critical Features of a School Website

School Website

Almost every school has a website. Whether those websites contain all the necessary features is a different story. School websites do so much more than create an online presence. They have to provide support for students, staff, parents and community members. Recognize your website for what it really is—a valuable resource stakeholders can turn to…

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