What Is Gap Identification in Communication?

Gap Identification

Most district leaders make a concerted effort to communicate with their stakeholders. However, very few manage to communicate with all of their stakeholders. This leads to gaps in communication, which means some people are getting left out of the loop. District leaders need to conduct regular gap identification to ensure all stakeholders are receiving the…

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Finding Stability in Turbulent Times

As we settle into a new school year, we can be forgiven if we feel that this year differs from previous ones. The pandemic and charged political atmosphere mean that in many of our school district communities, there is general unease.  This turbulence, as I call it, is perhaps no surprise. While school district boardrooms…

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Donovan Group Welcomes Derrick Docket!

As we continue to expand our efforts with schools, districts, and educational organizations across the country, we are thrilled to add another talented and highly experienced school communication professional to our team! As a communication strategist, Derrick Docket will help public schools and districts tell their stories through content creation, graphic design, branding, messaging, communication…

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