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school district branding serviceIn an era of open enrollment and charter, voucher, virtual and private schools, public schools and districts must have a distinct brand if they hope to compete among the wide variety of options available to families and students.

Rebranding is one way you can establish your district’s presence as an ideal option and make the case for why parents should send their children to your schools.

Colleges and universities have been doing this for years. So have well-funded private and charter schools. It’s critically important for public schools to engage in cohesive school district rebranding, marketing and communications efforts.

The Donovan Group will lead your school district’s rebranding effort, using a sound process that takes into account the needs, interests and desires of all stakeholders. We’ll help you create a brand that reflects the quality and value you deliver to your students, families and community.


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Communication Support for a Contentious School Board Meeting

Communication Support for a Contentious School Board Meeting

Among all that is great about public schools is that they are governed by boards made up of community members who live alongside the families of the schools they serve. In many communities, the school board is the governing body closest to their constituents. While it...

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Welcome, New Superintendents!

Welcome, New Superintendents!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed so much of the work of school and district leaders, there are some traditions that carry on. This includes a changing of the guard, as new superintendents replace veterans who are soon to enjoy well-deserved...

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