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Bringing Consistency and Diversity to School Communication

Your school’s communication strategy can get pretty complex. There are many different types of messages you need to send out, all with different platforms and release schedules.  You have to stay consistent while also diversifying the content. It’s a lot to keep track of!

As tricky as it sounds, your school is very capable of creating content that’s both consistent and diverse. Below, we reveal how you can achieve that balance.

Keep the “when and where” consistent

Stakeholders rely on consistent communication. They need to be reassured that their school will release information at the same time and in the same place. This establishes a consistent content schedule that lets stakeholders know when and where information will be available. Schools that are consistent with their communications also establish themselves as reliable sources of information.

For example, your school might decide to start posting regular updates from the principal. You could upload a quick 60-second video to the school’s Instagram account every Monday morning. If you stick to this schedule, your stakeholders will know to check Instagram every Monday morning for the usual update.

Consistency is also important for putting stakeholders at ease and establishing good communication habits. Posting at sporadic times can make stakeholders wonder when the next update will come out. Similarly, posting on a different platform each time can make the updates hard to find. Get stakeholders into a consistent routine, so they know ahead of time when and where your message will be posted.

Employ multiple different strategies

Consistency doesn’t mean you’re limited to one platform for all communications. Your school can (and should) develop consistent content schedules for multiple platforms at once. A multi-platform communication strategy allows you to cast a wider net, which means your message will likely reach more stakeholders. You can post in multiple places and still be consistent!

Going back to the previous example, your school can release principal updates on multiple different platforms. You may choose to provide shorter, more frequent updates on social media while saving longer, more in-depth updates for the monthly newsletter. You can post at different intervals on different platforms as long as each avenue of communication sticks to its own schedule.

School communication is a delicate balancing act. Your school has to maintain consistency while diversifying its content strategy. Once you get into a good rhythm, write down the release schedule for each platform and each type of message. It’s possible to have both consistent content and diverse content!

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