Application Process




1) Application

Submit an application.

2) Questionnaire

After your application is received, a recruiter will follow up and ask you to complete a questionnaire. A review of your answers can predict the likelihood of success in a career like a Consultant. An acceptable score moves you to the next step. Otherwise, you will need to wait 12 months to try again.

3) Assessment

Candidates who successfully complete the questionnaire are evaluated and those who exhibit the knowledge, skills, abilities and other attributes critical to success move on to the next step in the process.

4) Candidate Review

After speaking with a Donovan Group recruiter, a background check will be completed to determine eligibility for meeting various employment requirements in the education industry, subject to applicable state and federal laws.

5) Career Understanding

You will gain a better understanding of the Consultant opportunity through a series of learning modules. You will also be able to speak with Donovan Group contacts and other Consultant candidates.

6) Business Proposal Creation

Put what you’ve learned to work! Create and present a business proposal to meet your goals. This proposal will be reviewed by the recruiter and feedback will be provided to you.

7) In-Person Interview

The Donovan Group leadership team will conduct an in-person meeting.

8) Training

After successfully completing each of the stages, you will enter the Associate Training Program. After completing the training program, you will be ready to open for business in your state.



Have any questions? Are you ready to take the next step?