Superintendent Media Relations Training Pays for Itself

Media Relations Training

The media is something most superintendents don’t like to think about. They interact with the media out of necessity, and they keep those interactions to a minimum. Interacting with the media shouldn’t feel like pulling teeth. Thankfully, it’s possible to form a mutually-beneficial relationship that leads to positive experiences on both ends. Forming those relationships…

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Support for New and First-Time Superintendents

First-Time Superintendents

Taking on a new role as a school superintendent? We’ve found that the first 100 days of a new superintendent’s tenure are the most critical, setting the tone for the months and years to follow. Whether you’re filling the role of superintendent for the first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, getting your bearings in…

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Are You Asking Stakeholders the Right Questions?

stakeholder questions

Stakeholder feedback is crucial to the ongoing success of your district. One of the best ways to gather feedback is by inviting stakeholders to complete a survey. For stakeholders, completing a survey is very simple. All they have to do is fill in the bubbles and respond to a few open-ended questions. As for district…

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