Reinforcing Relationships: Building Strong Connections with Your Staff

Building Strong Connections

This past school year, you worked hard to build strong connections with students, teachers, families and community members. How are the relationships with your receptionists, support staff, assistants and administrators? Students always come first, especially while school is in session. At the same time, internal team members also have wants, needs and concerns. While students…

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Creating an Effective School Board Calendar for 2024-25

school board calendar

After reflecting on this past school year, you have an idea of what you want to accomplish heading into the fall. To achieve those goals, start by planning out the school board calendar. Every meeting should bring you closer to your vision for the school. Allow your vision to guide the agenda Building a school…

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SWOT Analysis: A Tool for Effective School Planning

SWOT Analysis

You have big plans for the upcoming school year. Maybe you want to change the curriculum, add a new program, expand the school building or nurture a more positive community culture. Every end result starts with a good plan, and every good plan starts with a SWOT analysis. A SWOT analysis involves assessing the strengths,…

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