The Importance of Impactful Educational Infographics

Educational Infographics

Students aren’t the only ones who learn. Every day is an opportunity to educate staff, families and community members about topics that matter. Your school creates powerful messages about childhood development, how to combat bullying, the importance of good nutrition and so many other topics people can relate to in some way. And you want…

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How Social Media Metrics Can Guide School Communication Plans

Social Media Metrics

You have a social media plan in place. You’re always posting new photos, videos, updates and announcements in an effort to keep your audience informed and engaged. In addition to posting content, you also have to monitor how well that content is performing. How many people saw your post? Did they like it? Can you…

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The Role of Social Media in Parent-Teacher Communication

Parent-Teacher Communication

The parent-teacher relationship is critical to a child’s success in school. But sometimes, it can be difficult for teachers to connect with the parents of their students. Due to its major popularity and wide accessibility, social media has become the go-to avenue for engaging parents and improving relationships with them. Here’s how teachers can use…

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