Summer Website Overhaul: Optimizing Before the New School Year

Website Overhaul

During the school year, some projects tend to fall lower on the priority list. There’s less time to plan campaigns, conduct communication audits or walk new staff members through the onboarding process. Summer gives you a chance to revisit projects that were placed on the back burner, and one of those projects involves giving your…

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4 Tips for Keeping School Communications Up This Summer

School Communications

The summer months are filled with many exciting activities—camping, swimming, traveling, visiting relatives and much more. For many students, teachers and families, summer is usually a time to put school behind them and focus on enjoying their vacation. For school administrators, summer isn’t just about going on vacation. It’s about preparing for another successful school…

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Engaging the Community with Summer Learning Opportunities

Summer Learning

For many students, learning is a lower priority during summer vacation. Summer is typically seen as a welcome break from academics. But with the right programs in place—coupled with effective communication strategies—students will grow eager to learn all year round. A great summer leads into a great year Think back to the beginning of this…

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