From Mundane to Engaging: Transforming District Announcements with Video

District Announcements

Communicating with your students, staff and families involves more than releasing a simple announcement. You have to make sure they see the announcement, engage with it, then remember that information in the future. That’s easier said than done—unless you use video. Video holds the incredible potential to engage your audience. Below, you’ll learn why video…

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Storytelling Through School Videos: Techniques for Engaging Content

School Videos

It’s no secret that video content excels at captivating students, staff, families and community members. If you can tell a good story, video content becomes even more captivating. Follow these tips to maximize the impact of video content and transform viewers into invested, engaged members of your school community. Define the story you want to…

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Types of Communication Fatigue (and How to Avoid Them)

Communication Fatigue

Has your audience checked out? Does it seem like stakeholders aren’t engaging with your school’s content? They could be experiencing what’s known as communication fatigue. Essentially, communication fatigue occurs when stakeholders become unsatisfied with or disinterested in school messaging. Once you learn how to identify fatigue, you can begin the process of lifting it from…

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