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Communication Requires a Human Element

AI technology is everywhere. It’s built into our cars, our hospitals, our classrooms and, more recently, our communications. Now that AI is here, we can’t seem to imagine our world without it. While AI makes our lives easier in many regards, people must understand that it’s merely a tool—especially school staff who use it to communicate with stakeholders.

We live in an AI-powered world

AI is rapidly becoming an integrated part of our lives. We’ve all heard stories of content-generating programs like ChatGPT writing pop songs, movie scripts, cooking recipes, pretty much any type of content you can think of. Everyone is using ChatGPT these days, and so is your staff.

ChatGPT and other AI-powered programs do have a place in your school district. They’re helpful tools that can automate your content creation processes, allowing you to communicate with stakeholders faster and more efficiently than ever before. AI is capable of writing emails, news releases, blogs, social media posts and more, all of which are necessary for communicating with your audience.

AI isn’t going away—it’s place in society will only become more prominent. ChatGPT and other emerging AI programs are here to stay, and if your staff is going to use them, it’s important to make sure they’re using them responsibly.

Teach staff how to use AI responsibly

ChatGPT is a tool. It cannot replace the unique, meaningful words that come from a real human. Yes, ChatGPT can help your team produce content faster, but it’s up to them to infuse the content with your district’s brand voice. True connections form when one person speaks to another. Giving messages that human touch really does make a difference!

Start integrating AI topics into your professional development. Offer courses, seminars and workshops that educate teachers and staff about the proper use of ChatGPT and other AI programs. Anyone on your team can benefit from these courses, although they will prove especially useful for your marketers, administrators and communication specialists.

As your staff experiments with ChatGPT, make sure they’re aware of how it fits into your district’s content creation processes. They should understand the technology’s limitations and why they’re using it in the first place. Again, ChatGPT is a tool, not a replacement for real human effort.

The future of AI is exciting! Programs like ChatGPT have the potential to save time, take work off your plate and help schools communicate quickly during urgent situations. However, staff must understand that AI isn’t a perfect system, and the technology is still evolving. Encourage staff to keep learning and preserve the human element of their communications.

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