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Does Your District Have a Blog?

Most stakeholders get their information online. District leaders are aware of this, which is why they’re leaning more into their digital communications. Despite these efforts, many leaders underutilize the resources at their disposal, namely district blogs.

Read on to learn why your district should have a blog and how to get the most out of it.

The benefits of a district blog

Your district has much to gain from creating a blog. Blogs open up a whole new line of communication with students, staff, parents and community members. When updated regularly, your district’s blog can become a great source of information where stakeholders learn about the latest happenings at your schools.

A blog is also a wonderful opportunity to tell your district’s story. It’s the perfect place to announce the grand opening of a new sports complex, a retiring choir director’s farewell concert, or your debate team’s victory at a regional conference. By regularly publishing blog posts, you show stakeholders how your district is bringing its mission to life.

A blog isn’t just for current stakeholders, either. It can show prospective families what your district is all about. Blogs have the potential to grow your community by showing parents why they should enroll their children in your schools. Families want to be part of an active, thriving community, and blogging proves your district is exactly that.

What to post on your district’s blog

District blogs can serve a variety of different purposes. They can be purely informational, keeping stakeholders in the loop about referendums, policy changes or a recent school incident. If there’s something the community needs to hear, it should go on your district’s blog.

You can also use the blog to celebrate milestones or achievements. For example, you could write a blog post about your district’s centennial anniversary. Or, you could write a post about how your high school’s booster club raised record-breaking donations at their last event. There’s always something worth celebrating, and stakeholders deserve to hear about it.

If your district doesn’t have a blog, you should really consider creating one. It’s a simple way to connect with stakeholders, attract prospective families and tell your district’s story. Remember, a blog only works if you use it. Post often, and post consistently. Pretty soon, the blog will become an essential part of your district’s communication plan.

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