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FOCUS is the Mantra for Spring School Communications

As spring sets in, it’s the perfect time for districts to take a fresh look at their communication strategies. With warmer weather and end-of-year activities on the horizon, keeping students, parents, and guardians engaged can be a challenge. But fear not—there’s a simple yet powerful mantra to guide your spring communications: FOCUS.

F – Friendliness. Set a welcoming tone. Use positive and professional language, avoiding jargon or overly technical terms. Greet parents by name, address their concerns with empathy and celebrate student achievements. A friendly approach fosters trust and encourages open communication.

O – Openness. Be transparent and proactive in sharing information. This includes both positive news and updates on any challenges the school is facing. Clearly explain your policies and procedures, and provide multiple channels for parents to ask questions and voice any concerns.

C – Community. Cultivate a sense of community by highlighting student achievements, showcasing school events, and activities and featuring stories of teachers and staff. Encourage participation in school events and create opportunities for parents to connect with each other.

U – Updates. Keep parents informed with timely and relevant updates. You can use a variety of communication channels—such as email blasts, the school website, social media, and text messages—depending on the urgency and nature of the information.  Regularly update school calendars and clearly communicate deadlines and important dates.

S – Support. Acknowledge the challenges parents face and offer resources and support. This could include information on academic support programs, mental health resources, upcoming parent workshops or volunteer opportunities. Let parents know they’re valued partners in their child’s education.

By keeping FOCUS at the forefront, your school can foster stronger relationships with parents and guardians, to create a more supportive and thriving learning environment for all students.  Personalize your messages wherever possible, and try to use multimedia content to grab attention and keep people engaged. Don’t forget to make sure your communication is a two-way street—encourage parents to respond to surveys, attend Q&A sessions, or chat through digital channels.

Remember, communication is a two-way street. By prioritizing these principles and seeking feedback regularly, you can ensure that parents feel informed, engaged, and empowered to support their children’s success throughout the spring semester and beyond.

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