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Getting into a Rhythm with Your Social Media Content

If you’re in charge of your school or school district’s social media content, you’ve likely run into a familiar problem. It can be difficult to get into a rhythm to consistently use social media to effectively tell your district’s story.

For one, it’s tough to find the time. Your day-to-day demands can make it feel nearly impossible to post engaging social media content as often as you would like. Plus, when there’s so much already on your plate, it’s a challenge to come up with a topic for a new post every single day.

For these reasons, establishing consistency with a district’s social media communications can quickly fall by the wayside.

The good news is that, with a little planning, you can make it easy to publish social media content aligned with your key messages every day — or at least several times a week. To do so, check out this simple Google Docs template. In it, you’ll find a table that allows you to schedule out and create content for an entire week.

The table includes space to insert the date each post will be published, which platform it will be published to, the text that will be posted and an image or graphic that will accompany each post.

Each Thursday or Friday, you can use this template (or a variation of it) to create a few posts for the following week. This gives you a nice foundation of posts you can use, preventing you from scrambling to come up with ideas in the middle of a hectic work week. You can then supplement this pre-written content with any other urgent or more timely items that may arise during the week.

Please feel free to make a copy of the template document above and use it as you see fit. We hope it’s helpful as you continue to tell your district’s story through social media.

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