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Good News Attracts Great Candidates

When school leaders assess candidates, a big question is whether those candidates align with the district’s mission and values. Finding a great candidate isn’t easy—not because they don’t exist, but because they have to come to you first. The question should instead be, “How are we going to attract great candidates?”

The answer is simple: publish good news about your district.

The need for qualified candidates

Your district is competing with others for the same candidates. The pool of candidates is small, and the pool of qualified candidates is even smaller. You want to make sure you’re attracting the best of the bunch. To attract great candidates, you have to stand out from neighboring districts (in a good way).

One way to stand out is by publishing good news about your district. Good news shows your district has a strong network of teachers and staff who set up students for success. It’s also a great opportunity to show off your district’s achievements. When your district exudes greatness, it will attract greatness in return.

What candidates are looking for

Candidates want to join a district that’s doing great things. As they apply for jobs, candidates look at the reputations of districts and their schools. They learn a lot about a district’s reputation through what they see in the media. This is why it’s so important to promote the good stuff happening in your district.

Good news tells candidates your district has what they’re looking for. Candidates want to work in a district with a strong legacy of excellence. They want to be part of a school community filled with passionate teachers who care about their students. Publishing good news about your district’s programs, initiatives and achievements will show great candidates they belong there.

How to leverage good district news

To attract great candidates, your district should publish good news on a regular basis. Look for every opportunity to share what’s happening in your schools. Even the smallest things are worth sharing with the community. The key to good news is being consistent.

Publish good news where candidates are going to see it, too. Strong media relationships can earn your district a front-page spot in the newspaper. Good news also belongs on your district’s blog, home page and social media profiles. Track which channels candidates are visiting the most, and publish your district’s good news there.

You have to assess whether a candidate is the right fit for your district. At the same time, candidates are assessing whether your district is the right fit for them. Good district news sends the signal that great candidates will fit right in.

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