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Highlight Your People

Everything you do, you do for the students. Students are always the focal point because without them, you wouldn’t be able to make your vision for education a reality. However, students aren’t the only stakeholders in your schools. Teachers, staff, paraeducators and administrators keep your schools running, and they deserve the spotlight every once in a while!

As you create outward-facing content, make it a priority to highlight your people. Giving teachers and staff a voice allows the community to get to know them better. Besides, it’s nice to feel appreciated!

Teachers and staff need a voice

Teachers, staff, paraeducators and administrators are critical members of your school community. They show up every day committed to providing a quality public education for all students. Without them, your district wouldn’t be able to achieve its mission, vision and goals. They deserve recognition, but even more so, they deserve to make their voices heard.

District leaders can give teachers and staff a platform to speak. Written quotes, testimonial videos and survey responses allow your people to share their words with the entire community. Using the mediums at their disposal, teachers and staff can take center stage and show everyone who’s making your schools a success.

Let them know they’re appreciated

As you know, teachers and staff do a lot for your schools. They need to know that their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed! When you highlight your people, you show just how much they’re appreciated—not just by you, but by students, parents and community members.

Show the community what makes your teachers, staff, paraeducators and administrators so awesome. Share what they do, how they make a difference and who they are as people. And remember, showing appreciation isn’t a one-and-done thing. It should become a habit!

Parents want to meet your educators

It’s important for parents and family members to get to know the people shaping their children’s futures. Educators do more than teach facts and figures—they equip students with essential life skills that will serve them well beyond the classroom. Teachers, staff and paraeducators greatly influence students’ lives, and highlighting these people can show families that their children are in capable hands.

Your people do what they do out of love for education. Watching students succeed is the reward for their efforts. But they still deserve to be seen! Celebrate your teachers, staff and administrators on a regular basis. Let the community see who they are and the huge difference they make, day after day.

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