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Homeroom Hashtags: Does Your District Have a Hashtag?

Most school districts use social media to some degree. If your district has social media, it should also have a hashtag. Hashtags serve many purposes, from infusing posts with branded language to increasing your district’s visibility online. With a couple tips, you can create an engaging, memorable hashtag that nicely complements your social media content.

Why every district needs a hashtag

Within the past decade or so, social media has become a critical avenue for speaking to district stakeholders. With social media comes the hashtag—a simple yet powerful tool that can aid in branding, engagement and visibility. Here’s how your district can benefit from starting a hashtag:

  • Boost your district’s online presence: Hashtags make it easy for online users to find district posts and social media pages. When they search the hashtag, your district’s latest content will show up in the search results. This drives traffic to your pages and connects stakeholders with important information.
  • Increase stakeholder engagement: Hashtags make content easier to find. In turn, users are more likely to interact with that content. A well-crafted hashtag not only boosts likes, shares and views, but also gets more people to attend events, fill out surveys and join the conversation—both on and off the screen.
  • Define your district’s brand image: Hashtags are a symbol of your district’s identity. In just a few characters, you can communicate the district’s mission, vision or values to the public. It should be as unique and one-of-a-kind as the district logo!

Tips for creating a unique hashtag

Hashtags might appear short and simple, but creating one actually requires some thought and consideration. Keep these tips in mind as you come up with a new district hashtag:

  • Incorporate your mission and values: If you had to choose three words to describe your district, what would they be? Now, take those words and turn them into verbs. For example, if the words “empowering, innovative and inspirational” are part of your branding, the district’s hashtag could be #EmpowerInnovateInspire.
  • Include district-specific identifiers: To make the hashtag more unique, include references that are specific to your district, such as its name, slogan, colors or mascot. Use an abbreviated version of the district’s name to make the hashtag more succinct.
  • Make it short and memorable: Keeping hashtags short and sweet will make them easier to remember. At the same time, try to avoid language that’s too generic or vague. A hashtag should have enough detail that when stakeholders think of it, they also think of your district.

Social media is becoming more prevalent—not just in our everyday lives, but also in every district’s communication plan. A simple hashtag can help you leverage social media’s full potential for engaging stakeholders. Create one and see how it can transform your online presence!

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