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Your school district has a story to tell.

Iowa’s public schools and district must be open, transparent and proactive in their communications efforts. As a school leader, it’s critical to engage in a dialogue with your community members about the challenges and opportunities facing your schools.

In a state like Iowa, with open enrollment and numerous private options, public schools also must compete for students. To do so, they need to project a positive image, share the great things happening in their schools and garner the support of their stakeholders.

Are you looking for more effective ways to reach your key stakeholders? Make the Donovan Group your communication partner. We proudly serve Iowa’s K-12 public schools and districts.


We can help you tell it.

Communications Planning

Our planning process emphasizes transparency and the engagement of a variety of key stakeholders. The result is a comprehensive, month-by-month strategy that details goals, strategies, tactics and metrics to consistently evaluate your efforts.

Video Services

Get highly engaging and professional videos that help you reach your stakeholders through social media and various other channels. Our team plans, shoots, edits and produces videos featuring your schools, students and staff.


Bond & PPEL Assistance

We assist with all aspects of bond issue and PPEL communications efforts, with the belief that a well-planned and executed bond vote brings together a community in support of its local public schools. This leads to greater trust for the school district and its leaders.



We create, implement and evaluate many types of community and staff surveys, including those focused on communications, branding, facilities and various other issues. This includes creating survey drafts, promoting the survey in the community and analyzing the data through comprehensive reports.

Media Relations & Training

Our team has fielded thousands of calls from education reporters and know how important it is to respond quickly and appropriately to media inquiries. We give you the training to effectively deal with the media, allowing you to handle reporters’ calls, give strong on-camera interviews and position yourself as a trusted source of accurate information.


Crisis Communication

To manage a crisis situation, school leaders must engage in open communication. We work with you to develop a ready-to-launch plan that you can implement the moment a crisis hits. We’re also available 24/7/365 to assist, helping you gather facts, speak with reporters and reach out to your most critical stakeholders.


Content Creation

We’ll help you write and distribute articles and press releases—and write or rewrite content on your website. We also create speeches, brochure copy and various other types of marketing content.



Communication Support

We’re your dedicated communications team, providing you with writing and editing, graphic design, reports, surveys and more. We give you the power to tell your school or district’s story every single day.

Graphic Design

Our design services include brochures, reports, fact sheets and other marketing collateral, along with website design. We’ve also assisted numerous school districts with logo creation and rebranding.

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