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Through great communication, New York public schools and districts can tell the outstanding stories happening in their buildings and classrooms every day. They can also keep their stakeholders informed and build a high level of trust between schools and the communities they serve.

The Donovan Group works with New York’s school superintendents, administrators, principals, and district communications staff in developing the strategies that help them most effectively reach their key stakeholders. We provide ongoing support and training for school staff to build a proactive communication strategy that keeps stakeholders invested in the future of their local schools.

We’re proud to partner with K-12 public schools and districts across New York. We invite you to get in touch with us!

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New York Crisis Contact Info

While the Donovan Group is not currently working with a state sponsor to provide free and unlimited 24/7/365 crisis communications services in your state, please contact us if you require urgent assistance.
(888) 803-3320

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