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In North Dakota schools, amazing things are happening every day. Through effective communication, you can reach families, staff, students, and community members and share those stories on a daily basis. For public school leaders, communicating with and securing the support of key stakeholders requires a commitment to transparency and openness.

At the Donovan Group, we work with North Dakota superintendents, administrators, principals, and district communications staff to develop effective strategies for engaging their stakeholders. Our experts train school staff and provide the ongoing support needed to build and hone a proactive communication strategy for your school or district.

The Donovan Group serves K-12 public schools and districts throughout North Dakota. Partner with us today!

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North Dakota Crisis Contact Info

While the Donovan Group is not currently working with a state sponsor to provide free and unlimited 24/7/365 crisis communications services in your state, please contact us if you require urgent assistance.
(888) 803-3320

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