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Mission, Vision, Values: Your Strongest Foundational Messaging

Your school’s mission, vision and values serve a purpose. They’re more than words on a web page—they inform the thoughts and actions of every single person in your school community. Rather than simply stating your mission, vision and values, communicate them to stakeholders through thoughtful, purposeful messaging.

Define your mission, vision and values

Your school’s mission, vision and values lay the foundation for all communications. They inform how you speak to stakeholders and the type of image you want to portray. In order to relay effective messaging, your team must first clearly define these three facets of the school’s core identity.

Let’s start with your mission. What do you want the school to accomplish? What progress do you hope to make in one, five or ten years? How will you make your school, your community and the world a better place? Every piece of communication should bring you one step closer to achieving that mission.

Next up, your vision. What does the future look like for your students, staff, families and community members? Can you put that future into concrete terms? Once you have an idea of where you want to go, you can create messaging that helps bring the vision into reality.

Last but not least, your values. What does your school community believe in? How do you want people to speak and behave? All school communications must be infused with these values. Messaging can help stakeholders understand their school’s values, giving them an opportunity to build those values into their own individual lives.

Keep them front of mind at all times

After defining your mission, vision and values, find ways to build them into your school communications. It doesn’t matter if the message is a quick holiday greeting or a post-crisis statement from the superintendent. These guiding principles should be at the heart of everything your school says.

In order to build them into communications, your school’s mission, vision and values should be a daily presence in the lives of your staff and administrators. If it helps, you can put the mission, vision and values into writing and post them in the school office. This can help keep them front of mind as your team creates communications for stakeholders.

You know what your school’s mission, vision and values are. Share them with stakeholders! Communications don’t have to explicitly state your mission, vision and values (although they might from time to time). Rather, people will be able to intuit them through your messaging.

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