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Never Underestimate the Importance of Audience Education

You’re familiar with the latest happenings in your district. You know which policies are changing, what programs just launched and how the district operates. The general public doesn’t possess this specialized knowledge. They could if you help them out!

Use video to educate your audience about district procedures, important news updates and education-related concepts.

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes

District leaders are experts in public education. They understand how policies and referendums work, and they’re fluent in the specialized jargon that comes with running a district. When leaders communicate with their audience, they often forget that the average person isn’t familiar with certain terms, policies or protocols.

It’s important to communicate in a way your audience will understand. One of the most effective ways to reach audience members is through compelling, educational video content. A quick 60-second video can tell your audience everything they need to know about an upcoming referendum, a policy change or anything else that would help them become more informed members of the school community.

Help them understand complex concepts

Leaders aren’t the only ones who need to understand how a district works. Community members need to understand, too, because the district’s day-to-day operations impact everyone in one way or another. What sounds simple to you might sound confusing to someone else. Video can help put complex concepts and procedures into layman’s terms.

For instance, your district could create a video series that breaks down different terms and phrases related to public education. Other video content could focus on explaining certain policies and why they’re important for your audience to know.

Draw attention to important district news

You know all about the district’s latest policies, programs and initiatives. Your audience wants to know about them, too! Staff, families and community members want to stay informed but often don’t know where to start. Sharing video content across various platforms makes it easy for your audience to follow along with important news and updates.

Maybe one of your schools is in the midst of an exciting construction project. You could create a video collage that shows images and aerial shots of the construction site. Video collages can also highlight recent school events. Weekly video announcements are great for giving your audience a broader overview of what’s happening in the district.

Educating your audience should be a top priority. Whether the topic is policies, big changes or simply defining a word, educating people empowers them to play an active role in their school district. Go beyond the written word—when you have something to say, say it with video!

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