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We help public school and district leaders engage stakeholders, increase transparency and compete well in an increasingly competitive educational marketplace.


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A Full-Service Approach

The Donovan Group focuses exclusively on education, delivering school district communications services that help you reach your marketing, public relations and stakeholder engagement goals. We leverage our expertise in communications and apply it to K-12 schools and districts.


Education is our Passion

We’ve become a national leader in school district communications by staying on top of emerging best practices. We come from an educational background and are well-versed in state and federal policy, changes in teaching and learning and new forms of competition.


Proud Partners

You gain access to school district communications services that include everything from consulting and coaching to high-quality deliverables. Our clients are large, urban districts and small, one-building rural schools. We also deliver communications and consulting services to state and national associations.


Services Tailored to Your School or District


Our deep knowledge of public education drives our school district communications services. We help you achieve your goals, whether it’s navigating a leadership change, assisting during a crisis, conducting audits or streamlining your communications efforts.




We help schools, districts and educational organizations with graphic design, content creation, social media management, website development, app development, polls, surveys, focus groups and spokesperson services—among many other solutions.




Our firm’s directors have been called on regularly to provide coaching services for superintendents, administrators, principals and communication professionals. We offer coaching services for organizations large and small across the United States.


The 4 a.m. Blog

Advanced Media Interviewing Tips

In previous posts, I provided basic information about media interviews. Here is an advanced set of tips. Again, there are basically two ways in which you can speak with a reporter. You can speak “on the record,” which means that everything you say can be quoted...

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Start With Staff

Often, when we talk about good school district communication, we immediately think of external audiences, usually parents and other community members. However, we must remind ourselves that school and district staff members are our most important stakeholder group. It...

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Find Your Voice

One of the best ways for educational leaders, especially new superintendents and principals, to learn how to communicate effectively and to engage parents and other community members and staff is to study the efforts of other school leaders. Much can be learned by...

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The Rule of Three

I discuss messages a great deal on this blog and for good reason. Messages are the key pieces of information about issues we wish to discuss. Education has become increasingly complex in recent years, so understanding messaging is more important than ever. One of the...

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Messaging Made Simple

We often speak of messaging in public relations and marketing. While messages and messaging are often mentioned, they are often not well understood. Messaging is not complicated. After determining with whom you are communicating, your stakeholders, determine the...

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Brand Messaging 101

As schools and districts face increasing competition, they often seek ways use marketing messages to tell their brand story. Branding for schools and districts is certainly a very large topic to cover, but here are some simple tips to consider when establishing the...

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The Power of FAQs

Often, one of the best communications goals of a school or district is to raise the level of dialogue about your school, your district or public education in general. But raising the level of dialogue is often made difficult due to the complexity of the items we wish...

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Defeating Writer’s Block

For many of us, writing content for a parent update letter, an e-newsletter or social media is difficult. When there is so much to say about what is happening in our schools and district, the hardest part can be choosing a topic to write about. If you ever experience...

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Focus on Outcomes, Not Tools

Sometimes, in an effort to improve the communications of a school or district, leaders will decide to adopt a new communications tool. Often the thinking is, “We need to do a better job of communicating. Let’s try social media!” While social media may be the answer,...

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Is More Better?

Is more communication always better communication? With all of the new ways we can engage parents, staff, and other stakeholders, there is a tendency to want to use more and more communications tools more and more often. This can be a problem. First, very often, the...

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Communicating with Everyone is Communicating with No One

As an educational leader, you have a lot of people looking to you for information. But when you communicate, do you consider who exactly your audience is? If your intention is to communicate with all your audiences at the same time-to communicate with everyone--it is...

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