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Brand Messaging 101

As schools and districts face increasing competition, they often seek ways use marketing messages to tell their brand story. Branding for schools and districts is certainly a very large topic to cover, but here are some simple tips to consider when establishing the brand of your school or district.

  • In marketing and public relations, messages are defined as key pieces of information that provide critical information to audiences.
  • Messages are the foundation of your communication efforts. If you don’t know what your messages are, it is likely that someone else is controlling them.

We are exposed to thousands of advertising messages every day, so standing out is critically important. Here are some tips:

Great messages are ones that are simple. An example of a simple message comes from the Apple iPod. When Apple first introduced the device, it avoided giving a complicated explanation. The first ad simply said, “1,000 songs in your pocket.”

Great messages capture the imagination. Why do car salespeople want to get prospective buyers behind the wheel in the showroom? To capture their imaginations and let them daydream about what it would be like to own the car. For the same purpose, craft a message that will show prospective parents what a day in the life of your school or district is all about.

Great messages are also “sticky”: they stay in the minds of the recipients. Give parents in your school or district something to think about. Need some inspiration? Check out the websites of exclusive private schools to find examples of great inspirational messaging.

Consider your district. What makes yours different from others?

Be bold.

Incorporate your messages in all of your marketing materials and push your messages constantly.

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