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Communicate Appreciation

One of the things that I love most about my work is getting to spend time with terrific educational leaders. Whenever I speak with superintendents, principals, and other leaders, I always hear how great their school or district is, how great the students and their parents are, and how happy they are to work with such great teachers and staff.

It’s great to hear leaders share their gratitude with me. However, I wonder if they also make time in their busy days to share it with the people for whom they are so grateful. Here is a communication tip I am taking from a veteran superintendent who I met long ago. Make a point, every single workday to take two minutes to send a message or make a call to someone to thank them.

Try thanking a staff person who is going above and beyond in a big way for students. Or thank a board member who did something courageous for the district. Or thank a business owner who is partnering with your school, a legislator who really understands the value of education or a parent who makes a point to volunteer every week.

Whoever it is and whatever the circumstance, take time to communicate your appreciation every day.

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