Donovan Group Insights

Ensure Ready Access to Communications Tools

Hi, this is Joe Donovan with today’s School District Communication Tip of the Day.

As we have discussed in previous videos, an important part of communications success is building the communications capacity of your key staff and administrative team. As effective communication gets increasingly important, it becomes clear that the team approach to communication is best.

With that said, school and district leaders must be in charge of communication.

As such, it is important that you have access to the various communication tools used by your school or district in the event that you must communicate quickly with your stakeholders , such as during a crisis situation.

Here is a tip: Make a list of all of your communication tools and relevant login information. Also include on the list who can administer each tool in your absence. Store the list in the cloud so you can access it anytime, anyplace.

Also, keep a list of important people and their contact information in a document stored in the cloud. This document may include the names and numbers of people such as your local police chief, school board members, principals and other key staff members, other educational leaders in the area, and the leaders of your PTOs or PTAs.

Regularly update these documents as needed.