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Start With Staff

Often, when we talk about good school district communication, we immediately think of external audiences, usually parents and other community members. However, we must remind ourselves that school and district staff members are our most important stakeholder group.

It is critical for staff members to understand your school or district’s vision, to not only understand the “what” and “how” of change, but also the “why” of the vision.

In addition to ensuring staff have the key information necessary for job performance, there is a more practical reason for ensuring staff members are engaged in the school or district’s vision.

By and large, staff, who are often also the neighbors and family members of other community members, are your largest and most credible group of spokespeople.

While there is a tendency to think of good communication as having an external focus, it is important to focus first on your internal audience, your staff, as doing so will benefit school district communication in the long run.

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