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Starting with Why

To be a great educational leader now means continually moving from good to great or in some cases, from great to greater.

And doing that often requires moving away from what is comfortable and working “good enough” to something that will take your school or district to the next level.

Moving away from “good enough” and from what is comfortable can cause resentment and pushback from parents and staff. So, when communicating about your change efforts, the work that is needed to go from good to great, do not forget to explain why you are seeking to improve in the first place.

All too often school or district leaders move ahead on change initiatives and the focus of the conversation is on the what and how of change. The question of why the change effort is needed and even why you are pushing to move from good to great or great to greater is often overlooked. But it shouldn’t be.

Starting with the question of why is important and should be how every conversation about change begins.

For more on the power of why read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why”.]

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