School Communications Services


Supporting Public Schools and Districts

The Donovan Group team leverages a wide range of skills and communication tools to help accomplish our clients’ goals. From leading your organization through the communications planning process and helping you develop a strong working relationship with the media to working with you during a crisis, we are your one-stop educational communications partner.

Available on either a project basis to help with an urgent communications situation or on a reasonable monthly retainer, the Donovan Group offers your organization the ongoing communications help you need to engage your audiences.

Communications Planning

School districts and organizations often ask us to assist with their communications planning efforts. Our planning process emphasizes transparency and the engagement of many different types of stakeholders. The result is a comprehensive, month-by-month strategy that details measurable goals and efforts.


Referendum Assistance

The Donovan Group has become a popular partner among school districts considering capital or operational referenda. We believe that a clearly planned and well-executed referendum brings together a community around its schools and boosts the trust that community members have in the people who lead them.


Crisis Communications

Managing a crisis requires open communication, and we work with you to create a ready-to-launch crisis communications plan. The Donovan Group’s staff is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to assist your school district, college, or educational organization during times of crisis.

Social Media Management

In today’s constantly connected world, parents and the general public expect to have access to instant updates and easy communication with school districts. One of the best tools available to meet those expectations is social media. We design and manage comprehensive social media campaigns for school districts.


Communications Audits

Audits allow school districts to thoroughly review their existing communications efforts, determining what it is doing well and any areas of improvement. This process may involve a community survey and focus groups to gain a sound understanding of how both internal and external stakeholders think about the district.

Media Relations & Training

Having fielded thousands of calls from education reporters all over the United States, we know the importance of responding appropriately to media inquiries. We will help you develop a process for dealing with media calls to make you a trusted resource for reporters.

In addition, the Donovan Group’s comprehensive communication services also include the following:

✓   Managing issues
✓   Staff and community surveys
✓   Planning and holding media events and conferences
✓   Providing spokesperson services
✓   Developing and distributing articles and news releases
✓   Creating, redesigning, and maintaining websites
✓   Writing speeches, creating presentations and designing brochures and other collateral


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At the Donovan Group, we focus exclusively on public education and the ways in which schools and districts can improve communications, marketing and brands. Our team of education communication professionals serve schools, districts and educational organizations throughout the country.

For more information on how we can assist with your communications efforts, please call 800-317-7147 or contact us online today.