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Reimagine what makes your school district stand out.

In an era of open enrollment and charter, voucher, virtual, and private schools, public schools and districts must have a distinct brand if they hope to compete among the wide variety of options available to families and students.

Rebranding is one way you can establish your district’s presence as an ideal option and make the case for why parents should send their children to your schools. Colleges and universities have been doing this for years—as have well-funded private and charter schools. It’s critically important for public schools to engage in cohesive school district rebranding, marketing, and communication efforts.


The Donovan Group will lead your school district’s rebranding effort, using a sound process that takes into account the needs, interests, and desires of all stakeholders.

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Our services include:

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    Logo Creation

    A key facet of the rebranding process typically includes a logo refresh or redesign. Our graphic designers are skilled at creating logo designs based on the input and feedback of stakeholders. We’ll work with you to create new logos that reflect the value your district delivers.

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    Branding Style Guides

    Our team will generate a custom style guide for your district’s rebranding. This document establishes a cohesive, district-wide brand voice. School leaders and staff can then use the style guide when creating content, communications, and designs.

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    Letterhead & Templates

    Once we have established a new brand, we will create new school and district letterhead, along with templates for newsletters, flyers, fact sheets, brochures, news releases, and other content and design items.

We continue to grow our brand and highlight our kids…all of which is brought to life by the Donovan Group.

- Justin Stockdale, Dike-New Hartford (Iowa) Community School District Superintendent

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