Social Media Management

Social media has become a critical tool for schools and districts to reach their stakeholders and showcase all the amazing things happening in their buildings on a daily basis. However, it can be difficult to get into a rhythm with your social media content to effectively tell your district’s story.


Our partnership with the Donovan Group is one of the best investments we've made as a District!

- Dr. Mandy Ross, Webster City (IA) Community School District Superintendent

How It Works

  • Consistent Engagement

    The Donovan Group helps you consistently engage through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Our writers generate compelling content, while our graphic designers and video professionals incorporate photos, videos, and graphics. If desired, we can also take the reins of your social media profiles, posting content to the pages and monitoring interactions from stakeholders.

  • A social media calendar

    To drive this effort, we set up a social media calendar and a system to gather stories, photos, and videos from teachers and staff. We make it as easy as possible for staff members throughout your district to submit content to be shared via social media. This helps ensure all your classrooms and buildings get the attention they deserve through your district’s marketing efforts.

  • Interaction

    We will also help you navigate social media comments, pointing out when it is and is not appropriate to engage. Our communication professionals will also identify which questions to respond to and what you can take away from each stakeholder interaction. In this way, you can take part in a two-way conversation while correcting any inaccurate information about your district that gets posted online.

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A Sample Of Our Social Media Management Work

Social Media Graphic:
Teacher Appreciation
Social Media:
Teacher Recruitment
Social Media:

Case Studies

Dike-New Hartford Community School District Logo

Dike-New Hartford Community School District

When Dike-New Hartford engaged with the Donovan Group in 2019, it did not have a standardized approach to communicating through social media. Since that time, the Donovan Group has implemented a system of high-volume content in the mindset of, “Don’t let the good gather dust.” When there is good news to share, DNH works with the Donovan Group to create the content and post it quickly. That method has produced great results in that Facebook followers have increased by 400% since 2019.

Dike-New Hartford Community School District Logo

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