Translation Services

We are committed to helping schools and districts promote equity and inclusivity as they communicate with their stakeholders. While this can take many forms, it typically involves translating written content, graphics, and other materials into multiple languages spoken in a school district community.

We understand that not all school districts have the in-house resources to communicate with every stakeholder in their native language. That’s why we translate content with help from native speakers around the world. No matter their background, stakeholders will receive translations that accurately communicate your intended messages.


The Donovan Group can translate a wide range of content, including parent and staff letters, articles, flyers, fact sheets, mailers, social media graphics, and brochures.

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Our translators can also add subtitles and voice overs to video content, both for classroom use and the district’s marketing campaign. We provide accurate translations to help communicate the video’s original message.

Case Studies

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Blaine County Community School District (Idaho)

The Donovan Group translates most written content for the Blaine County Community School District. That includes parent letters, community messages and social media posts.

Blaine County Community School District Logo

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