Digital Video Services

We help you tell your story with the fastest media platform.

Video offers a highly engaging and attention-grabbing way to communicate about a wide range of topics with your families, staff, students, and community members. You can use it to provide updates to families, promote enrollment and hiring efforts, and share all the amazing things happening in your buildings each and every day.

Whether you’re interested in a comprehensive branding video or something much simpler, the Donovan Group will deliver a high-quality, efficient production process to meet your needs. We can promptly edit and polish video that’s already been recorded by your staff or we can engineer the entire process from the beginning with our own video services department that can record and edit for you. Schedule a time with us to discuss how we can get started!


The quality of their work is so good that many parents use the content they create as keepsakes for their kids.

- Justin Stockdale, Dike-New Hartford (Iowa) Community School District Superintendent

Our school digital video creation services include:

  • Storyboarding

    We start by mapping out the video. We will ask you about the subject, key talking points, and the overarching message. From there, our team will suggest an outline and video length, and also write the script.

  • Editing

    We cut raw footage into a sequence of clips that flow nicely together. Our team balances audio, adds music, and creates a seamless storyline. We use video editing software that can turn amateur smartphone footage into high-quality media content.

  • Revisions

    Once we deliver a first draft of the video, you will have a chance to review and request any changes you see fit. We will revise the video as many times as necessary so that we arrive at a final version that meets your needs perfectly.

In some cases, we can send a videographer to your school or district to capture footage. However, we can also take video filmed by district staff and edit it in a way that showcases the unique brand and value your district offers.

Whether you need a quick, 30-second update to your school community or a longer video that showcases the incredible stories happening in your schools, you can turn to the expert production team at the Donovan Group.

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Case Studies

Central Lee Community School District Logo

Central Lee Community School District

The Central Lee Community School District engaged with the Donovan Group to create a comprehensive video to highlight the district’s facilities needs and the solution on the ballot in 2019. The bond vote to expand 21st-century learning opportunities was approved and once the renovations were completed, the Donovan Group created a second video to celebrate the grand opening of the high school.

Central Lee Community School District Logo
Ballard Community School District Logo

Ballard Community School District

The Donovan Group created a branding video to illustrate the great things happening in the Ballard Community School District.

Ballard Community School District Logo
Strom Lake Community School District Logo

Storm Lake Community School District

The Storm Lake Community School District is known as #AmericasSchool because they believe that the story of America happens inside their school buildings each and every day. A few years ago, the Donovan Group wrote the lyrics to a song that students produced highlighting this idea, including the lyric: "Storm Lake lifts its lamp beside the golden door." This phrase symbolizes the freedom for immigrants our country has long stood for—and that the Storm Lake Community School District continues to champion today. The music video received more than 100,000 views on Facebook.

Strom Lake Community School District Logo

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