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Setting Up Success: Building a School Year Launch Campaign

It feels like the 2023-24 year just ended, but in reality, the first day of school is fast approaching once again. On that first day, school administrators are often scrambling to pull together events and promotional content. Ensure that Fall 2024 goes off without a hitch by getting a head start on your back-to-school launch campaign.

Create buzz on social media

Does your district have Facebook, Twitter/X or Instagram accounts? Use them to get your community excited about the upcoming school year! Integrate these quick and simple forms of social media content into your launch campaign:

  • Start a countdown: A countdown does more than remind students that school is starting up soon. It builds anticipation for that very first day of classes.
  • Get the conversation flowing: A great way to build hype is to ask questions related to the start of the school year. Ask students which classes they’re most excited to take in the fall. Ask which events people are looking forward to the most. These conversation starters get your audience focused on what’s to come.
  • Promote extracurriculars for students: The start of school is about more than getting students back into the classroom. Create a launch campaign that encourages students to broaden their interests by advertising sports tryouts, play auditions and club meeting times.

Plan welcome back events

Show students and families that getting back to school is something worth celebrating! Make it the most exciting part of the year by planning for these events:

  • Host family-friendly fairs: Kick off the start of the school year with fairs that feature games, prizes, food and live music. You can also host fairs that build awareness for specific programs, like theater, music, athletics, STEM and more.
  • Sprinkle fun into material pickup days: Aside from picking up textbooks and finding classrooms, material pickup day is a chance to let students and families have some fun. Consider offering snacks, free merch or raffle prizes.
  • Gather around the table: Make the first day one to remember by inviting students and their families to a potluck or ice cream social. This is a great way for kids and adults to mingle, as well as get to know their new teachers.

Start building your launch campaign now!

Back-to-school messaging and events should be planned out well before the school year begins. Create the event plans and social media marketing now, so your campaign will be ready to launch as the first day of school draws near.

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