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The Importance of Impactful Educational Infographics

Students aren’t the only ones who learn. Every day is an opportunity to educate staff, families and community members about topics that matter. Your school creates powerful messages about childhood development, how to combat bullying, the importance of good nutrition and so many other topics people can relate to in some way. And you want people to see them!

Amplify your educational message by turning it into a visually-striking infographic.

Make learning more exciting

Humans are naturally visual creatures. For the vast majority of the population, people are constantly absorbing information through their sense of sight. More often than not, you’ll find that your audience would rather learn through visual mediums (like an infographic) than text mediums.

Infographics also tend to be more engaging. The colors, graphics and logos work together to capture and hold your audience’s attention for longer periods of time. People scrolling through social media are more likely to stop and pause on a post that contains an infographic.

Reach a broader audience

Infographics are a highly effective strategy for schools looking to expand their digital presence. This is because infographics boost the shareability of your message. Studies have found that infographics are three times more likely to get shares than any other type of visual content. Shares create a powerful ripple effect by extending your message to the viewer’s friends, family, peers and colleagues. Encourage audience members to amplify the message for you!

Drive home your message

The audience should do more than read your message. You want the message to leave a lasting impact—to expand their thinking, to make them more informed, to better their lives. Infographics have the power to do that. By combining text with visuals, you present information in a way that is more intriguing and therefore more likely to be remembered.

The nature of infographics also requires you to be short, concise and to the point with your messaging. Infographics trim down information until you’re left with the key takeaways. This way of communicating ensures your overarching message doesn’t get lost in a sea of superfluous details.

You have an important message to tell. What’s equally important is how you relay that message to your audience. The medium you choose plays a huge role in determining whether people stop to take in your message, and how much of it they will remember in the future. Infographics are the way to educate!

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