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The Power of Community Member Surveys

The purpose of stakeholder surveys might seem obvious. They’re a useful tool for collecting feedback about new policies, upcoming referenda and the district in general. However, a survey’s purpose extends far beyond data collection. They have the potential to establish long-lasting relationships between your district and the school community.

From a district leader’s perspective, stakeholder surveys might just seem like a series of questions. But to stakeholders, these surveys are a chance to make their voices heard. Being asked to complete a survey means that your district is listening, and stakeholders can feel confident that their input is contributing to the decision-making process.

Help your stakeholders feel heard

Many district leaders primarily focus on getting their messages across to stakeholders. While this is important, stakeholders should have a chance to say something in return. Otherwise, district leaders run the risk of talking at their stakeholders instead of with them. District leaders must create opportunities for two-way communication, and stakeholder surveys are a great way to achieve it.

Stakeholder surveys are like a sounding board for the school community. These surveys make it possible for stakeholders to express their thoughts and opinions about how school leaders are running the district. They get to speak up about what they like or don’t like. Since surveys only take a few minutes to complete, they’re a fast and easy way for stakeholders to make their voices heard.

Show stakeholders their input matters

As a district leader, you’re directly involved with the decision-making process. You play a big role in determining policies for the district. While stakeholders don’t get to make final decisions, their input can help you craft student-centered policies that align with community members’ desires for the district.

Every stakeholder is affected by the district one way or another. Asking for their input lets them know that you’re keeping their best interests in  , and can help you forge stronger, more trusting relationships with the school community. The trust and respect you’ll gain by reaching out is priceless.

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