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The Purpose of School District Marketing

People often think marketing is a way to make customers buy a product or service. This is usually true, but marketing serves a much greater purpose than that. In the case of your school district, marketing aims to form positive relationships with the community. While marketing takes time, effort and money, the benefits for your district are priceless.

Establish Your District’s Brand

A comprehensive marketing approach can help establish the desired brand identity for your district. Marketing gives you a clearer idea of what the district’s values are and what makes it unique. Marketing also gets you thinking about the most effective ways to communicate those values and unique traits to stakeholders. Once you define the district’s identity, marketing will help you share it with the school community.

Draw in Prospective Families

Marketing has the potential to boost enrollment by garnering the attention of families with school-aged children. Parents usually consider several districts before making a final decision, and they often start this process early—sometimes even before they have kids! Marketing can help your district stand out, which means parents are more likely to remember it later down the road. A strong marketing campaign can keep your district at the forefront of their minds.

Promote a Positive Reputation

Your district should be in control of how others perceive it. If your district doesn’t define its own reputation, someone else will define it for you. Think about the type of reputation you want for the district, then create marketing materials to help build that reputation. A solid marketing plan can influence the public’s perception of your district.

Engage Your Current Stakeholders

Marketing isn’t always about gaining new students or winning the public’s approval. It’s an effective way to communicate with people who are already invested in your district. Creating regular content keeps stakeholders in the loop and shows you’re willing to listen to their feedback.

Gain the Community’s Support

There are a number of circumstances where you need the community’s support—and to gain the community’s support, they need to view your district in a positive light. Marketing can show the community what your district stands for. It gives them a reason to vote in favor of a referendum or show compassion following a crisis. Build your district’s image now so you have the community’s support when it really counts.

Your district has much to gain from boosting its marketing efforts. You can strengthen relationships, win support and influence public perception, all of which are invaluable benefits to the district. You need to be in good standing with the community, and marketing can get you there.

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