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The Role of Social Media in Parent-Teacher Communication

The parent-teacher relationship is critical to a child’s success in school. But sometimes, it can be difficult for teachers to connect with the parents of their students. Due to its major popularity and wide accessibility, social media has become the go-to avenue for engaging parents and improving relationships with them.

Here’s how teachers can use social media to strengthen communication with parents:

Event reminders and conferences

Social media is a great way to keep parents informed about upcoming student events, such as field trips, science fairs, play auditions and music concerts. A quick social media post can also spread the word about parent/teacher conferences and other opportunities that encourage open communication between teachers and families.

By posting event reminders on social media, teachers can increase awareness for activities and school programs that parents otherwise wouldn’t hear about. It’s important for teachers to communicate these opportunities to parents because they can enrich the learning experience for students.

Enriching experiences in the classroom

Social media is also a great way to showcase all the amazing things teachers and students are doing in the classroom. Teachers could submit photos of their students making artwork, engaging in team-building exercises or listening to a guest speaker. Or, they could submit a video of students performing a short play or demonstrating their latest inventions. Anything and everything is worth sharing with parents!

Through social media, parents get to see what students are learning at school. This allows parents to become a part of their children’s educational journeys. Not only will they feel a sense of pride in their children’s accomplishments, but they will also feel confident that their children are receiving the quality education they deserve.

Calling for parents to get involved

Social media has the power to connect parents with involvement opportunities. A teacher might be looking for parents to volunteer as chaperones on the next field trip. They might ask parents to donate classroom supplies or sign up to become a teacher’s assistant. Whatever teachers need help with, social media can get the word out.

Parent involvement goes far beyond giving teachers the support they need. Parents get to play an active role in their children’s education. From donating dry erase markers to being present in the classroom every day, parents can strengthen their relationships with the individuals who are shaping students’ future success.

Social media is a quick and easy way to communicate with parents. All teachers have to do is submit a quick caption (and maybe a photo to go with it), and parents can check the school’s social media accounts anytime, anywhere. It just takes one post to get the ball rolling on those parent-teacher relationships.

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